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Christmas Lights Switch On & Mexon Market  

This is our biggest market of the year and includes free entertainment, activities, food traders, craft stalls, fairground rides, guest appearances, the Big Lights Switch On and Fireworks. 

Bookings for this market are in two categories and it is recommended that you book early due to demand.

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Friday 22 November 2019  4pm until 8pm   GENERAL TRADERS/ORGANISATIONS

Only a small number of Marquees and Spaces are available 

Friday 22 November 2019  4pm until 8pm   CATERERS/ALCOHOL TRADERS ONLY

PLEASE NOTE: Traders intending to sell alcoholic beverages need to apply direct to Cheshire East Council for a TENs license. Please click on the link below to the Cheshire East Licensing Page for what is required:


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Small Heading

Please Read: Important information For Market Traders


On non market days the team can be contacted on:

Landline: 01606 833434

Email: visionapm@middlewich.org.uk

On the day before each market, and on the actual day, the team can be contacted on:

07462 413 145 

Please note that the Mexon Market Team work part time/voluntarily at variable times. If you have a general enquiry please drop us an email at the above address and we will endeavour to provide you with a response on the same day.

Traders - Supplied Stalls 

  • Pre-booked stalls will be set up by the organising team and will be available from 8am 

  • Traders can fix relevant banners/bunting etc to their allocated stall but must not use any adhesive or fixing tools/items which could cause damage to the stall/marquee 

  • Marquees are 3m x 3m. A 6ft x 3ft table is provided. Traders are sole occupiers of their 3m x 3m marquee

  • Electric is not supplied

  • Additional tables and chairs are not supplied

Traders - Space Only​

  • Traders will be set up by the organising team and will be available from 8am

  • Traders bringing their own stalls/marquee need to let the organisers know what size space this will occupy prior to the market day. Email: visionapm@middlewich.org.uk with the size (Width and Length)

  • Traders will be responsible for setting up and taking down their stall/marquee

  • Traders bringing their own stall/marquee are responsible for ensuring that it is safely secured and fit for purpose. A MINIMUM of 25kgs (metal weights/) per marquee leg/supporting pole must be used

March - October Market Information - All Traders 

  •  All stalls must be pre-booked using the online booking procedure (Click on the links above)

  • ALL Traders must provide the following before your first market day: Evidence of Public Liability Insurance, Food Hygiene Certificate, Alcohol License and any other required documentation relating to your trade/business. Copies must be emailed to: visionapm@middlewich.org.uk before your chosen market day. Traders who do not provide this information will not be allowed on site and will forfeit their booking fee. Traders will be allocated their space by the organisers on the day

  • All traders must be set up by 9am prompt. Vehicular access is permitted before 9am to allow traders to drop off stock/set up. Vehicles arriving after this time will not be allowed access.

  • ALL vehicles must be removed by 9am, or earlier, and parked at one of four free parking areas. This is to cause minimum disruption to nearby residents. A map of the parking areas can be found here:

       FREE PARKING IN MIDDLEWICH  (the parking is within 5 - 15 mins walk from the market site)

  • Trading will commence between 10am and 3pm 

  • Traders are not allowed to play music. Entertainment will be provided for each market day

November/Switch On Lights Christmas Market

  • The times/set up arrangements for the November are different . Details will issued nearer the date. 



  • Cancellations will only be accepted in writing and up to one week (7 days including weekends) prior to the relevant market day. A full refund will be paid if sufficient notice is provided.

  • Stallholders must accept the risk of bad weather and will not generally be entitled to a refund for these reasons. Refunds due to bad weather will be at the Operators discretion.


  • Most regular monthly events operate trading times of 10.00 am to 3.00pm.

  • Stallholders are expected to trade for the duration of the event and must remain on site until this time.


  • The Operator is solely responsible for the allocation and position of pitch sites.

  • It is not permissible for stallholders to change the pitch position without consultation with the Operator.


  • The Operator does not guarantee exclusivity and cannot guarantee that goods will not be duplicated.


  • Stallholders must operate strictly within the marked boundaries of the stall site that has been allocated to them and avoid encroachment into neighbouring trader pitch space.

  • The presentation of stalls must be of a professional standard that is satisfactory to the Operator.

  • Traders supplying their own infrastructure must ensure that it is good quality and weighted appropriately.

  • Approval to use a portable generator can only be given by the Operator and only in exceptional circumstances.

  • Gas safety certificates must be provided for all gas appliances.

  • Any variation to these trading times will be notified by the Operator prior to the event.

  • Stallholders must set up, close down, load and unload strictly within the specified times and guidelines given for each event.

  • Before vacating their stall site, stallholders must remove all rubbish and do all other things that may be reasonably necessary to leave the stall site in the same condition that it was in before they set up their stall for the day.



  • The MIDDLEWICH MEXON STREET MARKET events operate in most weathers and will operate on the designated market day unless extreme weather or other disruptions (that are beyond the Operator’s control) compel the Operator to close the markets for the safety of traders and the public. 

  • It is the responsibility of the stallholder to contact the Operator to check if the event is going ahead.

  • The Operator will communicate the cancellation of an event via social media and email (where a email has been provided).


  • Stallholders must comply with all directions given to them by the Operator.

  • Stallholders must treat the staff of the Operator, other stallholders and members of the public with courtesy and respect at all times. Any unacceptable behaviour including, but not limited to, aggression, abusive language or refusal to comply with a reasonable direction will be treated as a breach of a condition of these regulations. Such a breach is likely to result in that stallholder being required to leave the markets immediately and being banned from trading at any future markets.

  • Any direction given by the Operator regarding risk management or accident prevention must be complied with strictly and immediately.


  • The Operator may make determinations to resolve any dispute that may arise including, but not limited to, disputes between stallholders and disputes between stallholders and customers or other members of the public. The Operators decision is final.


The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that, by applying to hire a stall site, the stallholder makes the following warranties and representations:

  • That the statements made in the online application system are true, accurate and complete

  • That the stallholder has carefully read these regulations and agrees to be bound by their terms and conditions

  • That the stallholder has the full legal and beneficial ownership of the goods that they offer for sale and that their ownership is free of any encumbrances

  • That the stallholder will not engage in any false or misleading conduct including, but not limited to, selling counterfeit goods or mislabeling goods

  • That the stallholder has the necessary licenses, practicing certificates or permission to sell the goods that they offer for sale


  • Stallholders must supply all necessary documentation requested 

  • Updated copies are to be sent when insurance renewal takes place


The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that the Operator has not given any warranties or made any representations relating to the stallholder’s occupation or use of a stall site at the MIDDLEWICH MEXON STREET MARKET events other than as are specifically set out in these regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, any warranties or representations relating to:

  1. The stallholder’s likely sales or profits;

  2. The benefits of the location of any particular stall site;

  3. The number of potential customers that are likely to visit the markets;

  4. The presence of other stallholders on the same market day selling the same or similar goods or services or the location of their stall site;

  5. The services and facilities that are available to the stallholder other than as are expressly set out in these regulations;

  6. The extent to which the Operator has carried out marketing or advertising to attract customers to the markets;

  7. The suitability of the markets for any particular purpose


The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that the Operator is not liable for any claims arising from:

  1. Damage to the goods or other property of the stallholder;

  2. Theft of the goods or other property of the stallholder;

  3. Injury, loss or damage suffered by any person at The Market Co’s events;

  4. Damage to or the theft of the property of any person at the markets.


  • Stallholders must supply copies of Public Liability Insurance policies and relevant certificates when booking.

  • Stallholders must have public liability insurance cover of £5M


  • Stallholders must comply with the Operator’s online bookings and payment procedures, to help the Operator’s staff to keep to a minimum the amount of cash that they need to hold on market days.

  • Stallholders must report promptly to the Operator any security problems including, but not limited to, potential terrorist threats, robberies, shoplifting, pick pocketing or the need to forcibly remove drunken or belligerent customers from the events.

  • Any stallholder using equipment or practices that could endanger the health & safety of any persons will be asked to leave the event.


Stallholders must appreciate that most events are held on public roads.  When setting up, closing down, loading and unloading in this area, they must exercise the same degree of care for their own safety and consideration for the safety and convenience of others that they should exercise on a public road.


  • To reduce the risk of tripping accidents, stallholders must keep their stall site and the immediate vicinity clear of anything that might obstruct pedestrian traffic and cause tripping accidents;

  • Stallholders must ensure that their stall sites are free of any sharp corners or dangerous projections that might injure customers particularly of hard materials such as timber, metal or glass.


  • Food stallholders must rely on their own public liability insurance to include cover for claims arising from the sale of hot food or from food contamination.

  • Food stallholders must acknowledge and agree that the Operator is not liable for any worker’s compensation claim by any of their staff.

  • In the storage, preparation, cooking and service of food, food stallholders must comply strictly with all legal requirements and/or the recognised best practice standards including, but not limited to:

  1. Holding a valid Food Hygiene Certificate and also be registered and inspected (or pending) by their local Environmental Health Office.

  • Goods must be marked and priced according to legal requirements. Contact your local Trading Standards office for more information. Click here for the Cheshire East Trading Standards contact details.

  • ALL Traders must provide the following: Evidence of Public Liability Insurance, Food Hygiene Certificate, Alcohol License and any other required documentation relating to your trade/business. Copies must be emailed to: visionapm@middlewich.org.uk before your chosen market day. Traders who do not provide this information will not be allowed on site and will forfeit their booking fee.

The Operators reserve the right to amend the above Terms & Conditions when necessary